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Evidence is mounting with regard to the November 2020 Election Steal. If nothing is done to correct the problem, the freedom we have enjoyed will cease to exist. Get the facts. Spread the word. This ends when We The People stand up and say "No more."


Voting machines, widespread absentee ballots and mail-in voting may have led to inaccurate results in our election process. Learn how we protect our right to vote.


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Government is run for the people, by the people, and this community demands a resolution to their concerns with regard to election fraud.

Vote-by-Mail Fraud

We found a shocking development with the Florida Vote-by-Mail system that needs immediate attention. We have candidates doing postcard reminders to the people who have requested to vote by mail.

Problem is those reminders are bouncing back as Return to Sender. Although by some magic, the Supervior of Elections is getting completed ballots from these same voters.

How can this be?

This is serious issue where you have a Ballot Request from a voter in the current voter rolls and they are mailing back an authentic one. But if you were to go to their address, they are no longer there.



Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays held a press conference on August 2, 2022 regarding a recent email sent out on election integrity from (also known as

Our response:

Point 1

SOE Alan Hays accused us of using emails gained from public records. We did not. The email lists used by (F4A) were from concerned citizens who signed up via our website to receive email updates on election integrity. The Republican Party of Lake County emailed its own membership list independent and unaffiliated with F4A.

Point 2

SOE Alan Hays accused us of discouraging voters from voting. We did not. Concerned voters reached out to F4A after receiving vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots they did not request. We advised them to take their vote-by-mail ballots to the polls with them to confirm that no one had previously voted in their name. Per statute FS 101.69, the VBM ballot should be marked “canceled” and the voter provided a new ballot. “Spoil” is the commonly used terminology for this process.

Point 3

SOE Alan Hays stated that “not one person” in Lake County received a VBM ballot if they didn’t request one. This is not true. F4A has been contacted by at least ten voters who have received a VBM ballot they did not request, nor did they vote-by-mail in 2020.

Point 4

SOE Alan Hays stated that we should be using our time more constructively. We have spent personal time and money to investigate the accuracy of Lake County voter rolls. Thousands of addresses on our voter rolls are illegitimate and undeliverable. In previous meetings with F4A, SOE Hays admitted that his office does not verify the addresses provided on voter registrations. This is in direct violation of statutory requirements per FS 98.015 (12). Many ballots were counted from these illegitimate addresses in November 2020.

According to SB90, VBM ballots should be sent to everyone who had a VBM ballot request submitted to the SOE office prior to SB90’s effective date of 5/6/2021. This means voters who voted by mail in November 2020 would thereby automatically receive a VBM ballot. 

101.69 (1) An elector who has returned a voted vote-by-mail ballot to the supervisor, however, is deemed to have cast his or her ballot and is not entitled to vote another ballot or to have a provisional ballot counted by the county canvassing board. An elector who has received a vote-by-mail ballot and has not returned the voted ballot to the supervisor, but desires to vote in person, shall return the ballot, whether voted or not, to the election board in the elector’s precinct or to an early voting site. The returned ballot shall be marked “canceled” by the board and placed with other canceled ballots.

101.62 (7) Except as expressly authorized for voters having a disability under s. 101.662, for overseas voters under s. 101.697, or for local referenda under ss. 101.6102 and 101.6103, a county, municipality, or state agency may not send a vote-by-mail ballot to a voter unless the voter has requested a vote-by- mail ballot in the manner authorized under this section.

Per SB 90:

1015 (7) Except as expressly authorized for voters having a
1016 disability under s. 101.662, for overseas voters under s.
1017 101.697, or for local referenda under ss. 101.6102 and 101.6103,

1018 a county, municipality, or state agency may not send a vote-by-

1019  mail ballot to a voter unless the voter has requested a vote-by

1020  mail ballot in the manner authorized under this section.

1021  Section 25. Notwithstanding the amendments made to s.

1022  101.62(1)(a), Florida Statutes, by this act, an existing vote

1023  by-mail ballot request submitted before the effective date of

1024  this act is deemed sufficient for elections held through the end

1025  of the 2022 calendar year.

Point 5

SOE Alan Hays disagreed with F4A’s recommendation to voters who might be told they have already voted when they arrive to vote in person. We believe that if you’re told you have already voted and it wasn’t you who cast the vote, then you are a victim of identity theft. As a victim of a crime, we recommend that you call the Sheriff to report the crime. You can also alert the Supervisor of Elections. However, we have submitted evidence of election crimes to SOE Hays in the past, without appropriate action on his behalf. Visit our Get The Facts section for more information.

For the record, is in no way affiliated with the Patriots4America or The Republican Party of Lake County. We are an independent grassroots organization committed to ensuring election integrity and voter confidence for a free and transparent election process.

Did you receive a vote-by-mail ballot that you did not request?

A new voter identification card not addressed to you? A ballot request form of any kind? If so, please use the form below to contact us immediately:


People are waking up to the facts. Wisconsin State Representatives are signing on to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electors from the November 2020 election. Nye County, Nevada, voted to get rid of their voting machines. Washoe County, Nevada, just voted for a resolution to decertify their election results. Five counties in Montana have voted to decertify their election results. Colorado is currently working towards a recount in a recent election because voters can now SEE the fraud involved.

Lake County Supervisor of Elections just admitted that his office is receiving HUNDREDS of vote-by-mail ballots and recently mailed voter ID cards Returned as Undeliverable! Why? Because our voter rolls are INACCURATE.

9_Inactive Voters

Vote-by-mail ballots were sent to everyone who voted by mail in the 2020 election. If you prefer to vote in person, please take your VBM ballot with you to the polls on election day to BEAT THE CHEAT. If they inform you that YOU HAVE ALREADY VOTED, please step outside of the polling area. Call your local Sheriff’s office and report your case of IDENTITY THEFT. It’s real and it’s happening across the country.

Private companies provide our voting machines yet won’t allow anyone to view the source code. They are allegedly deleting election information which is illegal. Private companies are also printing our ballots, mailing them, and tracking them. Where is the oversight? Are they subject to Florida Sunshine Laws?

Want to learn more? Visit our GET THE FACTS page.

Did phantom voters use your address to commit voter fraud?

Because they sure did across the state! Use The People’s Audit button above to check YOUR address for phantom voters. We’ve done the research. Despite claims from our politicians to the contrary, our election was NOT without fraud, and EVERYONE knows it. In fact, we continue to find problems. You can help us fix it. Click on the link below for a sample of the evidence and share with everyone you know. If we don’t correct the rampant issues with the 2020 election, we CANNOT be certain our vote will count going forward.