The Florida Election Integrity and Voter Protection Coalition is a not for profit corporation in the state of Florida. We are committed to ensuring election integrity and voter confidence for a free and transparent election process.

Mission Statement:

•Florida Election Integrity and Voter Protection Coalition seeks to prove that every legal vote is counted in Florida. We want to ensure that voter equality is secured for every election.  Over 40% of Florida voters are concerned about the integrity and transparency of our election process.

•A full physical, forensic audit of the 2020 General Election must be performed to validate actual results, identify deficiencies, and eliminate opportunities for error or fraud for future elections.

•It is imperative that the actual true results of the 2020 general election be proven valid and correct through the full-physical, or forensic, audit.  The results of such audit shall serve to prove that Florida Election systems and procedures are secure and proper.  Any deficiencies, if found, may be accounted for and an action plan for viable remediation implemented prior to the next federal or statewide election.

Florida Election Integrity and Voter Protection Members are:

•Citizens of the United States of America

•Registered Voters and Residents of Florida

•Non-political and non-party affiliated.  Individual members may be affiliated with such groups.

•Committed to Election Integrity and the Sanctity of One-Person/One-Vote principles enshrined in our democratic republic

•Certain that our Nation is best served when government is carefully scrutinized by transparent citizen oversight and involvement.

Please contact us: 352-448-8989