Eliminate universal mail-in ballots

  • Fraudulent ballots can be cast by mail without oversight or identification requirements.
  • No identification is required to cast a ballot by mail with the exception of first-time voters.
  • Ballots can be collected by third parties, despite new laws in place to curtail this activity. There is no way the USPS can determine who mailed in the ballot.
  • Vote-by-Mail Ballots are being mailed to voters who DID NOT REQUEST them. Not for the recent election and not for the 2020 election. Why? How?
  • Ballots are being mailed to undeliverable addresses. They are being voted from undeliverable addresses.
    • Ballots are being mailed to vacant homes/po boxes, incomplete addresses, addresses marked “return to sender” and/or “unable to forward.”
    • There is no way to prevent bad actors from keeping these ballots and casting them as legitimate.
    • Undeliverable mail “may” cancel mail-in ballots, yet at least in Lake County, the Supervisor of Elections are not acting upon the undeliverable mail in a timely manner to prevent fraudulent mail ballots from being cast. They are “chasing” the fraud retroactively as opposed to preventing the ballots from being cast in the first place.
  • There is no transparency for citizens when ballots are printed, assembled, mailed, and tracked by third party vendors not subject to Sunshine Laws.
    • Ballots are printed by third party vendors.
    • Ballots are assembled by third party vendors.
    • Ballots are mailed by third party vendors.
    • Ballots are tracked by third party vendors.
    • This creates a breakdown in the chain of custody.
    • Lack of oversight invites fraud.
  • Absentee ballots should be available for military, overseas, disabled, illness and other excused reasons.

Eliminate the use of voting machines

ALL computers/machines are hackable. This includes electronic pollbooks, voting machines, tabulators, ballot cast image devices, etc.

  • Voting machines provide no transparency for citizens.
    • Machines are owned by third party vendors/private companies and are not subject to Florida Sunshine Standards with respect to open records.
    • Citizens are unable to verify settings within the machines, including but not limited to cyber security, coding, algorithm, internet connections, and signature verification sensitivity settings.
    • Vote totals on election day have been witnessed to decrease as precinct totals are being actively reported—they are supposed to increase with every precinct reporting adds to the total number of votes. How does this happen without interference?
    • The machines are not certifiable.
  • Voting machines, tabulators, pollbooks etc. malfunction during active elections, and county personnel are not sufficiently trained to manage the equipment, thus disenfranchising voters.
    • Voters are forced to wait for hours to cast their vote due to equipment breakdown.
    • Voters who cast ballots via machine touchscreen where no paper ballot exists have no way to ensure their vote is counted as there is no paper trail for ensuing audits.
    • Poll workers are not IT experts, thereby requiring the assistance from the vendors to provide technical support. If workers don’t understand what’s wrong, they have no way of knowing if the technician is committing fraud.
    • Ballot signature verification has been proven repeatedly to be insufficient for authenticating a voter’s signature.
  • Who is printing the ballots and how do we know they are compatible with the voting machine tabulators?
    • Arizona has incorrectly sized paper ballots that were unable to be read/counted accurately.
    • Georgia had similar issues with printed ballots and the placement of barcodes forcing adjudication of a high number of ballots.
    • Ballots are not serialized and can be run through the machine multiple times.
    • Hand counts of paper ballots across the country, including mail-in ballots, are not matching machine totals.
  • Precinct poll workers are fully capable of counting ballots as they arrive on election day.
    • Our country has hand-counted ballots for centuries.
    • France, Mexico and Belgium banned mail-in voting due to fraud. Most countries around the world do not permit universal mail-in voting.
    • Hand-counting paper ballots allows transparency for EVERY voter. Can easily be verified.
    • Machines create problems where none need exist.

End participation in the ERIC system

The program is purportedly utilized to identify duplicate, deceased, and/or voters who have moved (by cross-referencing data with the DMV database) to help SOEs maintain the accuracy of their voter rolls – it is FAILING in this regard.

Voters remained registered to vote at homes they sold one, two, three—up to ten years ago.

Addresses are not being properly vetted—ERIC points to the Supervisor of Elections office while the Supervisor of Elections office considers data coming from DMV and ERIC to be accurate and complete, ie. apartment numbers are being omitted, UPS stores, marinas, campgrounds.

Voters are able to cast duplicate votes across counties in Florida and have them COUNTED.

  • Voters are being registered without their knowledge.
    • Snowbirds applying for identification cards are being registered without their knowledge.
    • Non-citizens are being registered to vote via the DMV without their knowledge, and not specifically asked about citizenship.
    • At the DMV, consent to voter registration is the default, forcing applicants to “opt out.” What if they don’t understand this process?
    • ERIC can identify and track who is voting and who is an “inactive” voter. This information can be used to cast fraudulent votes-by-mail.
    • Governor DeSantis had his own address hacked which almost prevented him voting in 2020.
  • ERIC has questionable funding sources.
    • Louisiana quit their participation with ERIC citing “questionable funding sources and that possibly partisan actors may have access to ERIC network data for political purposes, potentially undermining voter confidence.” Alabama followed suit for similar reasons.
    • Originally funded by George Soros, The Pew Charitable Trust, and left-wing activist David Becker.
  • ERIC contract is actually a voter outreach program which directs SOEs to identify unregistered voters in their county and work to get them registered to vote.
    • ERIC is providing third parties (Rock the Vote, etc.) access to the county voter roll data.
    • ERIC is inflating the rolls as opposed to “cleaning” the rolls.
    • How do states survive without ERIC? Utilize a national mail database similar to what Amazon and UPS use to verify delivery addresses.
  • Voter Registration Addresses are being “flipped” in the database from one month to the next
    • Prior to redistricting in 2022, an entire street of voters were listed as residing on 12th Street (the correct street). In June, they were switched to “Red Belly Road” just prior to the mailing of new voter information cards updating the new districts. The next month, they were flipped back to 12th Street. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? WHO’S ALTERING THE ADDRESSES?

People are waking up to the facts. Wisconsin State Representatives are signing on to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electors from the November 2020 election. Nye County, Nevada, voted to get rid of their voting machines. Washoe County, Nevada, just voted for a resolution to decertify their election results. Five counties in Montana have voted to decertify their election results. Colorado is currently working towards a recount in a recent election because voters can now SEE the fraud involved.

Lake County Supervisor of Elections just admitted that his office is receiving HUNDREDS of vote-by-mail ballots and recently mailed voter ID cards Returned as Undeliverable! Why? Because our voter rolls are INACCURATE.

9_Inactive Voters

Vote-by-mail ballots were sent to everyone who voted by mail in the 2020 election. If you prefer to vote in person, please take your VBM ballot with you to the polls on election day to BEAT THE CHEAT. If they inform you that YOU HAVE ALREADY VOTED, please step outside of the polling area. Call your local Sheriff’s office and report your case of IDENTITY THEFT. It’s real and it’s happening across the country.

Private companies provide our voting machines yet won’t allow anyone to view the source code. They are allegedly deleting election information which is illegal. Private companies are also printing our ballots, mailing them, and tracking them. Where is the oversight? Are they subject to Florida Sunshine Laws?

Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%

Record of Vote — Via public records requests, we’ve learned of voters who have errors in their method of voting, ie. they voted at the polls, but state/county data shows they voted early. We knocked on doors and spoke with voters. We have signed affidavits attesting to these facts. Why would this EVER happen? Who is changing the data?

Record of Vote

The People’s Audit — Thousands are Discovered Registered at Same Address

Illegal Addresses

Illegal Residences — SOE Offices and Courthouses are NOT Permitted for Military Personnel

4_Phantom Voters

Phantom Voters — People Do Not Live at the Addresses Listed


ERIC System Corrupted by Left Wing Money

Louisiana fired ERIC because the system was NOT maintaining the accuracy of their voter registration rolls.

5_The People's Audit

State voter rolls don’t match County voter rolls — we received the data via public record requests and compared four different data sets by date: Nov 2020, July 2021, Feb 2022, April 2022. Additionally, during this examination process, we discovered multiple voters casting more than one vote in the 2020 election.

In the data, over 15,000 voters remain ACTIVE status on the rolls despite not having cast a ballot since 2006. Rules state Supervisor of Elections must clean out the rolls by removing deceased voters, voters who have moved out of state, inactive voters, etc. They clearly are not doing their due diligence.

8_Duplicate Voters

Absentee Voting more than doubled in 2020

10_Absentee Voting

Signature Matching Issues and The Deep Dive into Absentee Ballot Rejection in 2020 Election


The data shows thousands of voters across the state are using postal boxes as their “residence” address. To cast a legal vote in the State of Florida, you must have a permanent fixed abode as your residence. Homeless can register using a variety of locations as their residence, NONE of which include postal boxes.

12_WeekendHoliday Voter Registrations

Data also shows over 820,000 voters registered on weekends and holidays. How is this possible? Computer generated? Algorithm? It needs investigation.

Democrats have alleged voter fraud for years. What changed?

CTCL gave $17 million dollars to Florida Counties. You can see exactly how it was disbursed by checking their IRS form found here — grant awardees are listed beginning on page


It only takes approximately 25-30 calls/emails on a particular issue for your legislators to pay attention. We The People have strength in numbers. They work for us. Let’s make those calls and send those emails!

Governor Ron DeSantis: governorron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com


Cord Byrd: secretaryofstate@dos.myflorida.com


Dennis Baxley: baxley.dennis.web@flsenate.gov


Daniel Perez: daniel.perez@myfloridahouse.gov


Call voter fraud hotline: 1-877-868-3737

If you or someone you know believes they have experienced voter fraud in Lake County, please contact us at 352-448-8989.

During the next election, if you are told you have already voted when you arrive at the polls, contact us and your local Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office immediately. Time is of the essence to prevent a fraudulent certification of our elections. Also, if you receive multiple ballots in the mail, unsolicited mail-in ballots, or ballots addressed to someone who does not live at your address, take a photo to document it, then present them to your local SOE and demand answers. Once the election has occurred, check with your local SOE to see if your vote was registered correctly, ie. cast as an absentee vote, early vote, vote at the polls on election day.

voting machines

Additionally, if you are a poll worker or poll watcher that is prevented from being able to do your job, you must report this to your local SOE and law enforcement. Did you have accessibility issues? Again, report the incident immediately.


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