The citizens of Florida demand an audit of the November 3, 2020 election. Based on preliminary data research locally and across the country, several areas pose concern regarding the integrity of our election process. This presentation produced by the REC of Lake County, Florida, demonstrates the most troublesome issues. Please take 15 minutes to view and share widely across your social media platforms.

The Lake County Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays, took $195,900 Zuckerbucks and spent in on INCREASING our mail-in voting numbers. Read full details of his grant agreement, purchases and final report. Is that how you wanted him to spend the money? Let your voice be heard!

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Support for an audit of the November 2020 election is growing around the state of Florida. Contact your legislators today and demand an audit to ensure election integrity in Lake County.

Lake County Republican Executive Committee passes resolution with a unanimous vote calls on Florida elected officials to conduct a full forensic audit of the November 2020 election.

Full Resolution

Former Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel analyzed the November 2020 election results in Florida, identifying counties in red and most rife with fraud.

seth keshel election results november 2020
Election Map by Seth Keshel

According to voter registration data, 54 of 67 counties trended GOP over the past 4 years, as Republicans ate up another 1.5% off of the Democrat registration plurality. Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach were included in this analysis. This trend has been accurate in projecting the trajectory of the next election flawlessly and suggested a larger Trump win than in 2016, and also tells you why Biden didn’t campaign in Florida. Based on the data, Seth estimates and excess of 10,000 votes were counted for Biden than legitimately won.

Seth’s complete analysis

Defend Florida has been canvassing the results from the November 2020 election and found the following:

canvassing results for Florida

To date, we have collected over 1,600 AFFIDAVITS of registered voters who DO NOT EXIST or are DEAD or are registered at an address that is not a residential address. The goal is 5,000 AFFIDAVITS by the end of October.

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The grassroots movement has begun…

Lake County Election Integrity and Voter Protection Coalition formalizes structure and installs board members…

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…efforts supported by Lake County’s State Representative:

Representative Anthony Sabatini calls for audits of 5 largest Florida Counties…

HB 99 filed on 9/14/2021

Why audit Lake County, Trump won here?

211,314 votes were registered as cast in Lake County in 2020 a 24% increase over 2016 presidential election

Votes by mail accounted for over 32% of vote totals in 2020, compared to only 18% in 2016

Florida Department of State

Ron DeSantis narrowly won the 2018 election after a Palm Beach County recount by 32,000 votes. If we don’t fix the election system NOW his chances of re-election are virtually ZERO! Join our fight…

Lake County residents are in favor of a hand recount and ballot inspection of the November 2020 election!

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